Mark Beresford Jones founded the family run business around 1999, it was then known as Tile Craft. Mark chose to rename the business The Original Tile and Bathroom in 2009, before it became Indie-Viduals as it’s known today.
I joined Mark’s team in 2001 and couldn’t have asked for a better boss. Mark created a fabulous family like atmosphere for employees and customers alike, he was such a kind genuine gentleman.
My daughter Savanna, who also worked for Mark, and I have always felt that Mark was a huge part of our lives and helped us to get where we are today, as we continue to run the business as a family.
I cannot thank Mark enough for all he taught me and how he was so patient with me when I started as I didn’t even know how many inches were in a foot! I hope we can carry on his amazing legacy and make him proud, thank you Mark you will always be loved and deeply missed.
Although we’ve rebranded the business, much of the interior remains the same. With Mark’s handwriting still visible on many of our old favourites which we continue to stock due to popularity!

Mark Beresford Jones

Vaughan Arnold

Once we took over The Original Tile and Bathroom, talented local graphic designer and close family friend of ours Vaughan Arnold helped us sculpt our fantastic logo, for which we’ll forever be grateful.

Stonehouse, 1-3 Commons Road, Pembroke SA71 4EA

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Stone House Commons Rd, Pembroke, SA71 4EA.